11 September 2020

Swimming pool lane booking allowance

As of Monday 14th September, members will have a booking allowance of 5 reservations, per adult member, per week. This allowance will be kept under constant review and may vary as we try to meet demand. All other pool booking guidance will remain the same. We would like to highlight to members that we are currently using a freely available online booking system at no cost to the Club. We are still hoping the booking system is a temporary measure, but if time proves that this needs to be more permanent we will look into the costs involved in investing in a more advanced system.

Please remember to call the Club on 0131 225 2200 to cancel any bookings. Emails cannot always be picked up in time to cancel the bookings, leaving empty spaces in the pool or fitness classes which other members could enjoy.


We would like to remind members that while the gym will be closed for cleaning over lunchtime (13.30-14.00) the studio will be open to accommodate members at this time.

Face coverings

As of Monday 14th September, all members must wear a face covering while moving around the Club. These must be worn in all areas of the Club, with the only exception being when exercising, showering, or swimming.


Kind Regards

Paul Dunlop

Operations Manager

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