Carol Keith


Carol and her family have been members of the club since 2013. Carol was a corporate lawyer in Glasgow and London. Having dedicated a considerable amount of her time to ensuring the smooth running and development of the Club, during the 3 years that Carol was a director, Carol was appointed Chair of the Board in February 2020.

Tony Vettraino

Tony joined Drumsheugh when he moved to Edinburgh in 2014 and became a board member in May 2017.  He has worked in the leisure industry for thirty-four years and has previously served on sports clubs committees and is a past president of a tennis club. In addition to enjoying the facilities at the baths, Tony enjoys golf and travel and his main responsibilities are looking after staffing matters.

Stephen Archer

Stephen moved to Edinburgh in 2001 after 25 years in the Far East as a Civil Engineer (Hong Kong) and later as an investment banker (Japan). Formerly a marathon runner and a triathlete he turned to swimming when his knees said ‘enough’. He cycles most days from the Grange to swim and use the club. He joined the club in 2011 and became part of the board in March 2017 and concentrates on energy saving initiatives and was integral in bringing in the pool cover for the main pool.

Caroline Docherty

Caroline joined the Board in November 2019. Caroline had a career as a commercial property solicitor and also has experience of not-for-profit organisations and her area of responsibility within the Board is legal matters.

Robert Robertson

Robert has been a member of the Club for 15 years.  As a retired Chartered Surveyor with experience in the care of historic buildings and former Depute Chairman of Lothian Valuation Appeals Committee, Robert will provide valuable knowledge and assistance to the Board in the care of the Drumsheugh building.


John has been a member of the Club since 2008. Following a career in banking and investment management businesses in the UK and Australia, John moved to Edinburgh in 2008 as Director of an investment management business. He is the Finance Director of the Club. In addition to swimming, John enjoys walking, travel and bridge.