Fitness classes

5.1 Due to the nature of the Club, and its building, the number of fitness classes that can be offered is necessarily limited.  The following policies have been introduced in an effort to make attendance at classes as fair as possible to all members who wish to attend them, without need for expenditure by the Club on an expensive class booking system. They address late cancellation of class bookings, “no shows” for classes, unusually frequent cancellation of class bookings and booking of “back-to-back” classes.

5.2 Fitness classes require to be booked in advance, using the booking system accessible through the members’ area of the Club website. Members without internet access can book by telephoning the Club and speaking to a member of staff.  Booking for classes opens 7 days in advance at 6 am. If places are available in a class, they can be booked until the commencement of the class.

5.3 Members should only book classes that they know they can attend. In the event that a member books a class and is unable to attend, they must cancel the booking at the earliest opportunity. This can be done using the booking system, or by telephoning the Club.

5.4 A member shall be barred from attending classes for a period of 7 days in the event that they are a “no show” for a booked class on 2 or more occasions in any 30-day period. A “no show” is defined as not turning up for the class without having cancelled, OR cancelling the class with less than four hours’ notice.

5.5 A member shall be barred from attending classes for a period of 7 days in the event that they cancel four or more class bookings in any 30-day period.

5.6 Members are not permitted to book in advance classes which are run “back-to-back” – i.e. where a class for the same discipline is run immediately after another.  A member may, however, attend the second class if there is a place available at the commencement of the class.  In the event that a member does book a back-to-back class, the second booking will be treated for the purposes of clauses 5.4 and 5.5 as a cancellation.

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