Swimming is a fantastic low impact exercise which works almost every muscle in the body, without putting any stresses on your bones and joints. We have a range of swimming classes suitable for all levels, ages and abilities; so if you are just beginning or are simply looking to improve your stroke or fitness, our swimming lessons will be able to help.


Children’s Swimming Classes (ages 3 to 16)

Our instructor Lesley will start by first getting to know each swimmer and their individual abilities.

For novice swimmers, the first goal is to build their confidence in the water. Lesley will use repetition of movements, body positions and breathing skills which will ultimately lead to developing swimming strokes and skills.

Every child’s swimming develops at their own individual rate and it can take time to build their confidence and abilities.

For intermediate/advanced swimmers, Lesley will continue to develop their strokes from their starting level up to a level where they would not look out of place when swimming against their competitive trained school classmates at inter school competitions.

Group Classes

Children’s group classes can be fun with everyone interacting and learning from one another. Seeing someone else do something can motivate you to want to do it too. Class sizes range from 2-5 depending on the level of the swimmers. Swimmers are grouped depending on their ages/abilities/needs.

1-2-1 Classes

Group classes may not suit every child and they may prefer 1-2-1 lessons where they get the instructors full attention where they work at their individual pace. This time can be well spent, boosting self confidence and catching up with skills. Lesley will work on all the same aspects as the group lessons and there may be a point that they will be happier with a friend or friends in a group class.

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